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Drafting Service | Melbourne

VELLA HOMES offers professional drafting services throughout Point Cook, VIC.

Drafting Service Point Cook VIC

Drafting Services For Your Home

We'll assist throughout all the stages of your construction project to ensure your needs are met. Here at VELLA HOMES our aim is geared towards providing the next generation with homes that are well-equipped. Our environmentally conscious designers create the perfect spaces for your home.

We help you design a home that's truly yours 

Bespoke Home Spaces

Here at VELLA HOMES, we design bespoke home spaces that suit your tastes and individual goals. We assist in creating a beautiful haven, one that is highly functional and well-equipped whilst remaining aesthetically appealing.

We work closely with you to ensure all your drafting needs are met. Let our experts draft your project plans today.

Driven by innovative and unique designs


Drafting Service South Melbourne

We Also Take Care Of:

  • Custom-built homes and theatres
  • Home/Bathroom Renovation
  • Drafting services
  • Home extensions
  • Multi-unit development

We are committed to excellence

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